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Real Creations specializes in the production of commercial advertising videos, creating demanding high-end motion graphics. Over the last ten years, we have delivered stunning award-winning visual gfx for TV spots, channel idents, music videos, corporate presentations, short films, fashion films and much more.

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Latest News

13.12.2017:   V-RAY Certified Professional

In December 2017 we received the V-RAY Certified Professional certification from Chaos Group.

04.09.2017:   Novasports Channel Idents

Completed the production of six new channel idents for Novasports, a very demanding project, including several timefeezed shots. Click here to watch all six them, and here to watch the making of!

17.05.2017:   circuitFX v1.31

We are very excited to announce an update for circuitFX, our third script for Adobe After Effects. You can take a peek of the script's new capabilities in this quick start guide (by Kert Gartner).

Go ahead to aescripts.com to download a 7-day trial.

15.05.2017:   HP C7000 Blade Server

Our latest addition in our arsnenal is an HP C7000 Blade Server. A beast of hardware that provides an immense computing power suitable for difficult renderings and simulations.

30.03.2017:   Trademark Registration

Finally, after a long legal procedure the Real Creations Logo is trademarked. Click here for more details.

08.12.2016:   Minya Christmas Promos

Completed the production of a series of promos for Minya .
Click here, here and here to watch them.


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