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In order to freeze time, 100 digital still cameras are used. All of them are wired together and triggered simultanously. The cameras are placed very close to each other on a portable, specially manufactured platform. They are powered and controlled through a grid of electrical and electronic wiring. After completing the shots, all pictures are transfered from the cameras to the computer workstations for further processing. In order to achieve the motion > freeze time > resume motion effect, two motion cameras, are placed at the beginning and at the end of the grid, aligned with the first and the last camera respectively.

Research and development of this technique was made by Real Creations and George Hatzakis Photography.

Examples of this techique can be watched in the following links:

You can also watch the Timefreeze Worx in our portfolio page.

Finally, you can read what the greek press writes about the timefreeze technique:

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